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Classes & 1-on-1 Sessions
Face-to-face or via Zoom
10 week block starts 11 June 2024
Studio closed 29 August to 15 September 2024

The more you practice, the more the work will teach you.



Stretch Therapy™
7:15am & 12pm
Zoom or Room

1 hour

Cost: $300 for 10 weeks
Casual rate: $50

11 June to 13 August

Sydney, CBD



Stretch Therapy™
12pm Zoom
1:15pm Room

1 hour

Cost: $300 for 10 weeks
Casual rate: $50

14 June to 16 August

Sydney, CBD



Stretch Therapy™
Zoom or Room

1 hour

Cost: $300 for 10 weeks
Casual rate: $50

12 June to 14 August

Sydney, CBD



Face-to-face only

Stretch T

Cost $75, paid on booking.

This is non-refundable.

Confirmed on the Wednesday prior to event date. Minimum 4 people.

Sydney, CBD 9:30am to 11:30am

6 July

3 August

5 October

Belrose, Northern Beaches 10am-12pm

20 July

17 August

21 September

Open to everyone, these mini workshops run on Saturdays and incorporate Stretch Therapy™. They are designed for people who want to stretch regularly but are unable to attend the weekday classes. They could include something you would like to learn for your workplace, for fun or compliment your physical training to boost recovery.

Minimum 3 people needed to  confirm by Wednesday 5pm prior to the event.

Sydney, CBD & Belrose



New to Stretch therapy? Start here. This class is dedicated to the foundational elements to begin your stretching practice. Limited to 6 people. Face-to-face only.


1 hour

Cost: $300 for 10 weeks
Next course:

12 June to 14 August

Sydney, CBD


Stretch Therapy™ 

1-on-1 Sessions

30min   $75

45min   $112.50

60min   $150

90min   $225

120min $300

*50% non-refundable deposit required for initial consultation of 60min..

Sydney, CBD & Belrose


Please arrive 10-5 minutes before the start to allow for your own preparation and warm up practice. Classes finish and end on time. Please notify me early via sms if you are going to miss a class. You can catchup within the 10 week block. Missed classes are not carried over to the next 10 week block. There is a start and end date to each block. See above for start dates.

What do I wear? 

T-shirt and track pants or tights, preferably loose and comfortable. Not just for modesty, warm muscles stretch better. In summer, long shorts acceptable but light jersey long pants such as airline pajamas work best. Plus to keep equipment clean, its best not to have bare skin on the gear. Bring a large towel or a sarong to use for lying down.


No shoes, watches or jewellery.


Want to do more than 1 class per week?

If you have enrolled into a block of 10 weeks, and want to do the occasional casual class, the cost is $30. Please check first for availability.

If you are not enrolled into any class, the casual rate is $50 per 60 minute class.


Cancellation Policy

1-on-1 sessions

I am a small business striving to meet a client’s needs. Initial consultations require 50% non-refundable deposit, which leaves a balance of 50% to be paid at the session. All appointments are confirmed in advance. I would appreciate 24 hours notice for rescheduling or cancelling your session so I can offer it to someone else. Reluctantly, missed appointments are charged at the full rate of the session. A cancellation less than 24 hours notice will be charged at half the rate.


Your session begins from the time of your scheduled appointment, not from the time of your arrival and it will end on time. Late arrival will reduce your treatment time, therefore I recommend you arrive 5-10 minutes early. For your first appointment plan on arriving 10 minutes early to fill out the necessary intake form. You can save time by downloading the form beforehand and bringing it, completed with your details, to your first consultation. By completing and signing this form, you agree to the terms and conditions outlined above.


If an emergency has arisen, please contact me as soon as possible and I will work with you to find an alternative time.



There will be no refund once a term has commenced, or for missed classes. You can do a catch up class within the 10 week term, provided you arrange it with me in advance – please don’t just turn up. If you know you are going to miss a class, please let me know as early as possible so that the spot can be reallocated.

For the Saturday classes there are no refunds if canceling in the week prior to the event date. This is confirmed on Wednesdays.

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