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with Cherie Seeto


My favourite pic of  Dad 76, assisted by Mum 75. Surrounded by grandchildren's toys, they are demonstrating you can stretch anywhere.

Classes and private sessions can be done face to face or online, via Zoom. Your company/school/university can book a short 15-30 minute stretch session for staff to do regular stretch breaks to compliment working from home. Talk to me about how to design a solution for you.


On Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday in Sydney CBD, I offer stretch classes and 1-on-1 sessions to help you get stretching. On Monday and Saturday, I work in a studio in Belrose.


After 24 years working in the CBD of Sydney my observation is that people want help with their initial condition, then help with skills they can use to stretch and strengthen their muscles outside of the clinic. Starting with a remedial practice, moving towards a generative practice, this is key to living and aging well. I found the techniques in Stretch Therapy™ resonated enormous scope for both client and therapist.

Clients want to learn and understand how their bodies work and I enjoy teaching something really useful that has immediate application. The Stretch Therapy™ system enables me to demystify and educate the client towards a better understanding of how their body works.

I help my clients design a program unique to their requirements. Some come for coaching, re-cueing or increasing the intensity of a particular exercise/muscle group. They learn how to widen ranges of motion combined with strengthening at the end of range. This improves their performance for recreational activities or competitive athletic endeavours. Others just know that accessible stretching is a lot of fun; it makes them feel simultaneously terrific and relaxed, an amazing stress buster. The secret is to relax more.

I believe that if you are a fan of moving, yoga and Pilates, Stretch Therapy™ makes those activities even more enjoyable. If you just want to feel like are you doing the best thing for your body, come and try Stretch Therapy™ and join the lucky ones in the best stretch classes in Sydney.

*An exciting new space has opened  in Belrose in 2020!

Contact me for an appointment.

Stretch Therapy™

Stretch Therapy is a safe and effective way to learn how to stretch, strengthen and relax your whole body. It is an evolving system, creating and adding new techniques to improve the way you feel and function.

Stretch classes focus on personalised attention in small exclusive classes with a maximum of 10 people, or in 1-on-1 sessions. Participants appreciate thorough, clear explanation and instruction with each exercise. Time is taken to explain, demonstrate and personalise the smallest details in technique. I answer your questions as they arise.

You feel the learning process is a supportive team effort, yet you learn how to adapt stretches for your own body. Come and embody joyful movement and be empowered to look after yourself. My clients are genuinely excited about how much fun it is to stretch. This course encourages improvements in a safe and comfortable environment.


The importance of stretching
Cherie and Sydney Stretch Therapy
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Charlotte Schaefer



I have been attending Cherie’s Stretch Therapy classes for nearly two years now. Cherie is an incredibly warm, knowledgeable and positive stretch teacher. Her understanding of the anatomical body combined with her understanding of the emotional body means being in her classes is always physically and spiritually nourishing. For me in my mid-forties, two decades of sitting at a desk and a closed heart had really impacted my flexibility and physiology. Working with Cherie has had a huge impact, helping me reconnect with and return to my body’s innate capacity to open up, lengthen, relax and move more freely. I stand taller in body, mind and spirit because of my journey with Cherie. Transitioning to class via Zoom, unlike some other modalities I was doing pre-Covid, was super smooth with Cherie’s stretch class.  If anything, stretching from home with Cherie is even better as it has fully integrated the practice of stretching into my home routine. I feel really, really grateful to have discovered Cherie and her Stretch Therapy classes. For those looking for something more, something kind, honest, fun and fresh, that meets you where you are and leaves you in a more invigorated and inspired place, then I commend Cherie to you. Cherie is a true treasure of the Northern Beaches!

Steve Maxwell

Strength and Conditioning


Cherie and Dave are two of the most gifted body workers that I have ever received treatment from. Over my half century of hard training and 45 years of martial arts, I've received my share of body work. So I know talent when I see it (feel it). These two are definitely the 'go to' guys in Sydney.

Steve Berveling



One of my cycling friends recommended that I go to Cherie to increase my flexibility in order to help with my cycling. I went along, and (I admit) I was sceptical at first. But within a few weeks I could feel and see the difference: it was fantastic! 
I continue to improve thanks to Cherie – her explanation of how to do the exercises so as to get maximum benefit is terrific. I have Wednesday lunchtimes crossed out in my work diary so that I can go to Cherie’s class.  Her help and the camaraderie of the classmates greatly assist in my cycling, enabling me to compete with confidence in the Race Across America in June.

Kit Laughlin

Founder of Stretch Therapy™ and author of Overcome neck & back pain, and Stretching & Flexibility


In my work, I have been privileged to have been massaged in many ways by many, many therapists over the last 30 years. There is no doubt in my mind that Cherie is in the top three I have ever experienced, and I never go through Sydney without making an appointment. I suggest you do the same: your body will sing a song of thanks to you!

Dave Wardman

Strength & Flexibility Instructor and
Soft Tissue Therapist


Cherie is a body worker with intuitive hands and an fantastic touch! After a massage from Cherie you will feel profoundly relaxed and confused as to where your worries have gone. Cherie combines Stretch TherapyTM and the myofascial techniques of remedial massage in a flowing, organic way; her treatments wash away excessive muscle tension and the stress of life. Cherie likes to work with you to fix any injuries or musculoskeletal dysfunction. She treats you as a human being, with love and care, and no trace of ego as a therapist on her part. Every body should experience the bliss and wellbeing that Cherie gives to you with her massages!

Michelle Rogers

BEd MEd, Manager Royal Motor Yacht Club Gym, Point Piper (Sydney)


Three years ago I suffered crippling pain from two separate Extruded spinal discs. As a fitness practitioner the whole incident baffled me and considerably disturbed my career and sense of self. After quite useless consultations with various surgeons I found an answer for myself. I decided, still in an excruciating amount of pain, to try a Stretch Therapy™ Course run by Kit Laughlin. There I met Cherie Seeto, one of his teachers. On completion of the course I felt like I had some hope of fluid movement and a life not hampered by constant pain. Since completion of the course I have attended Cherie's Stretch Therapy™ classes once a week. Now I have more than hope, I am inspired to become even more supple than I was when I was 16 (not at all) and now (39), I have the power to quieten my once rigidly protective spinal muscles and move and train again without fear. I highly recommend anyone in pain and not in pain to work with Cherie in both Stretch Therapy™and massage. Her knowledge of the human body and skill as a practitioner are quite superior creating for me a space of trust to move through physical and mental barriers.

Adrian Immaratta

CrossFit Scorch


So glad for your guidance thru the years. Your voice has always been very calming and I find myself using some of your teaching in my my day to day life. Really helps and my clients get a benefit too.

Gavin Burrows

valued client since 2007


Working with Cherie over the last two years has not only fixed my immediate aches and pains (lower back, neck and shoulders), but my body in general has not felt so good since I was a teenager. This Stretch Therapy™ program and Cherie's amazing massage have changed my life!

Greg Laughlin

Senior Teacher of Posture
and Flexibility™


I was one of the Senior Teachers in Kit Laughlin's Posture and Flexibility system. I have been teaching and practicing for over twenty years and have attended many workshops for all manner of what be called 'bodywork', meaning I had had a lot of hands on me! I can honestly say that Cherie Seeto has the best hands I have experienced. It is as simple as this: I never tell her where the ache or pain is (there are usually more than one due to my training regimen) and without fail she goes to the right spot and does not leave until it is fixed. I am not saying that the treatment is always pain free...often it is not. But she is incredibly effective and equally intuitive.

Nick Murray

Massage Therapist


As a new massage therapist I'm always looking for ways to improve my technique, my effectiveness, and my rapport with clients, over and above what I've learned at TAFE. After attending Cherie's neck/back/calves workshop, not only did I have some new techniques to add to my treatments (forearms for neck - a great way to save your fingers and thumbs!), but at the end of the day I had sore abs as well - from laughing! Cherie knows how to put you at ease, how to talk through the technique and break it down, and offered plenty of real-world advice on hand positioning for both effective treatment, and client comfort. If Cherie offers any future workshops, I'll definitely be attending them! Thanks for a wonderful and very entertaining day!

Turia Pitt

Client (see


I saw Cherie in August 2017 as I was struggling with my calf flexibility as well as lower back pain. Cherie was magnificent in her assistance. She was a 'connoisseur' of stretches and was generous with her time, knowledge and expertise. She gave me a proposed stretch program to follow and after only a couple of weeks, I am already seeing results. On top of this, she has an awesome personality, is an absolute joy to be around and her enthusiasm for what she does is infectious! I would highly recommend seeing Cherie, and I make the time to see her whenever I am in Sydney. Thank you so much for all your help Cherie.


Contact Cherie

To book a class, 1-on-1, massage or workshop submit the form below and I will contact you expeditiously!


Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday:

Suite 13, Level 3, 88 Pitt Street
Sydney NSW 2000

Monday & Saturday:

206 Forest Way

Belrose NSW 2085


0410 595 789


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